“Another Day of Sun” from “La La Land"

med la la land ver3

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Here is the acclaimed opening scene of La La Land, (which mirrors the opening scene of Fellini’s *8 1/2. ”) The conceit being that all in this traffic jam are headed to LA to pursue a dream to make it in Showbiz, and should it not work out immediately, well, there is tomorrow; in sunny Los Angeles tomorrow is just “another sunny day.” Dreams are persistentent. 

Shot in ancient Cinemascope using real film, and note the primary colors that characterized movie musical of yesteryear. It appears that the entire sequence is shot in one take. Amazing and wonderful! Tons of homages in this movie to the Hollywood musical, most notably all the street lamps which which conjure Singing in the Rain. The movie is wonderful!

LA LA LAND directed by Damian Chazelle (2016  128 min.)

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