(Tune) "It's the Coming Home Together"


I used to lie awake with the sky for a tent 

and I felt such an ache though the letters that you sent 

always said you were fine but I read between each line 

the longing for me that I felt for you

And the hardest thing to do the hardest time of all 

was the coming home alone with no one in the hall to say, 

"Hello, and how was your day?"  

you know, those foolish things that married people say

It's the coming home together when your work is through

someone asks you, "Howdy do, and how'd it go today?"

it's the knowing someone's there when you climb up the stair

who always seems to know all the things you're gonna say

It's the being home together when the shadows rise

someone looks into your eyes and takes you by the hand

it's a dear familiar face that can light up a place 

and little private jokes only you two understand

It's the going home together through the changing years

and the talk about the weather and he laughter and the tears

it's the love for you that's me, and the me that's you

it's the going home together all life through

© Van Wyck Keely 2012