The finale “One” From “A Chorus Line"

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I was fortunate enough to see the Broadway show “A Chorus Line “ just a few months after it opened in 1975. For me it was the best live show I ever saw, and still remains so. 

“A Chorus Line" is the quintessential backstage musical, a celebration of the lives and hard times of the gypsy dancers who turn up by the hundreds to audition for a handful of jobs on Broadway. I revisited the show a few years later, and was disappointed. The show had lost its “snap,” and made Zack, the director who was auditioning the dancers, a character who appears on stage. In the original version Zack is just a disembodied voice coming from the seats giving him an omnipotent viewpoint which is lost when he becomes a character on the stage.

Ten years after the opening, the inevitable movie was made. The movie is okay, but lacks the startling intimacy of the show. However the, finale where the individual dancers become a  chorus line moving as “One” is the highpoint of the film. 

A CHORUS LINE directed by Richard Attenborough (1985 113 min) 

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