“Springtime for Hitler"


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My favorite redhead is a trained dancer, and in her teens had a few live network TV gigs and commercials. I only mention this to give her some props to evaluate this dance scene from the 1967 movie, The Producers. We were sitting in the steep balcony of our local movie theatre, and Pat was on the outside seat. Pat is ordinarily a discreet  ”chuckler” as a laugher, but as the scene progressed, she started to laugh hysterically, nearly falling out of her seat and tumbling down the steep stairs. The ghastly choreography (reminiscent of amateur Dance School Recitals) is wonderful satire, and it’s an spectacularly funny movie. I cannot imagine anyone other than Mel Brooks to pull off this hilarious, political incorrect spoof.

The scene is, of course, “Springtime for Hitler” 

THE PRODUCERS 1967 directed by Mel Brooks (1967 88 min.)

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