Dance scenes from “Newsies"

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Yesterday Pat and I saw the theatrical version of the movie  Newsies. The show chronicles the successful strike of the New York newsboys against Pulitzer and Hearst who owned the two biggest newspapers in NYC. Some months ago, I posted a dance scene named “Seize the Day” from this movie. 

I only got halfway through the movie before I quit. Even thought the story is compelling; the movie was tedious and lackluster. 

I was therefore hesitant to see the show, but the critic in Newsday gave the show a rave review. He was right. The theatrical version was stunning and electrifying because the story requires both intimacy and energy, and the ensemble dancing is terrific, reminiscent of West Side Story.

So for contrast, here is a dance scene from the movie:

And here are scenes from the show:

You can decide for yourself the better medium.

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