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Here is this week’s suggestion for a rental or streaming video

GONE WITH THE WIND directed by Victor Flemming (1939)  (238 min.)

This is still the quintessential “Hollywood” movie. A vast and spectacular soap opera about a place that exist only in myth; “The Old South” with plantations full of happy slaves, majestic mansions, and elaborate formal balls for the gentry to enjoy. No matter - it is still a great movie! which is peopled by movie stars not actors. Clark Gable was not a particularly good actor, but I defy you to take your eyes off him when he appears in a scene. Likewise, Vivian Leigh’s dazzling beauty belies the fact that she was a fine actress. Her character, Scarlett, is central to the entire story, which boiled down to its basics is a conflict between her lust and her vanity.

This was a Technicolor movie. A very expensive process which provided brilliant color reproduction. So expensive that it was discarded in the late 1950’s by the much less expensive Eastman Color. However the former does not fade, Eastman Color is almost unwatchable nowadays. So if this blog post piques your interest, GWTW looks mighty good on a HD flat screen. It’s well worth another look.

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